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Helping you to gain financial control and become debt free.

Are you in the middle of a financial crisis?

Is it difficult for you to deal with dipping finances and rising debts? Is the financial future of your family cause of worry for you? Well, there is no need for you to worry anymore! Many individuals have uttered a resounding ‘yes’ to all three of the questions above and are now leading a successful and peaceful life. Would you like to know their secret? They sought South Cotswolds Estate Planning’s help!

Our financial counsellors do not just crunch numbers, they provide you advice which takes into account your emotional position and standing as well. Apart from helping you out in management of your current finances, we can help you understand long term estate planning, pensions, lifestyle planning, income protection and life assurance so that you can plan for your coming future too. In short, we can help you plan ahead, reduce debts and improve finances! So, whether you are facing a losing battle with debt elimination or are struggling to stick to your budget, our phone lines are always open!


What Sets us Apart

Debt Elimination Planning

The more debt you have, the difficult your financial life would become. We ensure that our financial plans for you are designed in such a way that you can reduce your debts down to a level where you can manage them easily. It’s hard but achievable and we can provide you with the plan to achieve it. 


Budgeting that Works

Anyone can make a budget but not everyone can abide by it. We don’t just establish budgets for you but also equip you with the strategies to ensure that you would be able to abide by that budget as well.

Tailored Advice

While almost every financial advisory or counseling firm would claim this, there are only a few who deliver on their promises. We are not one of those firms. We provide tailored advice as we go through a rigorous process to understand your position and standing and then ensure that any plan or advice which contradicts your principles or compromises your situation in a way you don’t want never reaches your ears!


Future Planning

We help you plan ahead so that your future isn’t plagued with the problems you face right now. With expert advice on long-term estate planning, life assurance, lifestyle planning and income protection, we help build your future!

Things to Consider When Selecting a Financial Advisor

When seeking financial advice, it’s not just about picking the first advisor you come across. Since you will mostly follow everything the financial advisor would tell you when making major financial decisions of your life, it’s important that you choose the best advisors. Here are a few things to consider when selecting a financial advisor or a financial advisory firm.

See the licenses and credentials of the financial advisors you check out and ask for referrals to from them about clients who they have advised with great success.
  See the experience of the advisor or the advisory firm and see the years that they have been in the field of financial counseling. The more the experience, the more they can help you out.
  See their specialty when it comes to financial counseling and check if the advisor’s specialty is in the field where you need help.

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TestimonialsEsther C. Brown

Having a financially secured future for me and my children was top priority; however, over the years finding the right advisors to help me achieve this goal has been very challenging. That was until I got into contact with these guys!

TestimonialsKenneth F. Castillo

Thank you guys for the well-thought out financial plan for my family. I was amazed on how well you were able to customized this plan to meet our individual financial needs. Thanks to you, we can now have peace of mind!

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